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[Nettime-bold] Art, Technology, Consciousness

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Art, Technology, Consciousness
mind @large
Roy Ascott (ed)

This popular title, now in paper back, presents the most up-to-date
discussions in the intersection between Art, Technology and Consciousness
and brings a whole new set of perspectives to this complex and compelling

Developing on the studies published in Roy Ascott's successful Reframing
Consciousness, this volume documents the very latest work from those
connected with the internationally acclaimed CAiiA-STAR centre. Their
artistic and theoretical research in new media and art includes aspects of:

. artificial life . robotics . technoetics . performance . computer music .
intelligent architecture . telematic art

The contributions to this volume represent the work produced at conferences
and in journals which are only now emerging into more accessible literature.
With profound insights for those in fields of Art, Media and Design - both
academics and professionals - this book will also provide new ideas for
software designers working on material to be used by the arts community.

These artists have been involved in a variety of public exhibitions and the
vast majority of their work is available online. Internet references
throughout make this book a window for the reader to a large collection on
online art projects.

Art, Technology, Consciousness will be published in 2002. For a paperback
copy (ISBN: 1-84150-073-9 ) at 19.95, order from all good online bookshops,
from your local bookseller, or contact the publisher directly: Intellect, PO
Box 862, Bristol BS99 1DE, UK Tel: +44 (0) 117 958 9910   Fax: +44 (0) 117
958 9911 Email: For further details of all
Intellect books, paper journals and web journals:

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