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[Nettime-bold] Fw: WARNING VIRUS - SOS - sulfnbk.exe

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From: World-Cef
Sent: Friday, February 08, 2002 9:16 PM
Subject: WARNING VIRUS - SOS - sulfnbk.exe

I hope you will receive the information right on time. The virus spreads out
from address book to address book, please check out immediately . It can´t
recognized from Norton, McAfee and AntiVir9x. It stays App. 14 days on your
computer, starts the activation itself and destroys all the files on your
hard disk.
But it is very easy to delete the virus:
1. click "start", after that "search", after that "files"
2. key in "sulfnbk.exe" (the name of the virus)
3. In "Search in" the hard disk has to be included (generally it is done)
4. start searching
5. If you find the virus file DO NOT OPEN!!! (it´s symbol is an ugly black
6. With the right mouse button click the file and delete.
7. If you get the question, if you have to put the file into the trash, click
8. Go to your desktop and open the trash and delete the file "sulfnbk.exe" with
the right mouse button.

If you found the virus on your PC, please send this Email to all your contacts
of your address book, because the virus spreads out through the address book.
Evi Sfikaki from WORLD-CEF