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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> The degree zero of nettime


An excellent paper, about which i have mixed feelings, because as
i read it i seem to find among your original insights some of my
own ideas and formulations, unacknowledged. Am i imagining
this? The vectoral approach, as a way out of the divide between
political economy and cultural studies, based on the materiality
of the means of communication -- i put this out on nettime many
times. Nettime/syndicate appear as objects to which you bring
a theory, but they are already theoretical objects. It strikes me there's
a difficulty here. As the corpus of the lists become the object of
scholarship, which is i believe a good thing, there are questions
that come up about protocol. I suspect i may not be the only one
to have this reaction.

Brian is quite right to point to the going-beyond of the division of
labour between cultural studies and political economy. But it is
precisely this going beyond to which nettime responds both as
a theory and a practice.


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