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b l i p

Presented by :
Hillary Snyder / Tedium and Terror Productions
Michele N. Thursz / Moving Image Gallery, MNT Productions

Monday April 2, 2001 7-12 PM / **visit site**

A monthly event at Fun a wired nightclub environment.
b l i p is a monthly event devoted to celebrating the birth of video games and its infiltrating effect on artists, subculture and society at large.
With a commitment to representing the full variety of approaches to this subject from around the world, blip will always play differently. Michele N. Thursz (Moving Image Gallery) will contribute a full range of browser based artists works, and virtual objects that have been directly influenced by past and present gaming technologies and styles.

DJ Unknown (FisherSpooner, Gavin Brown's Passerby Bar) will trace the use of video games sounds through electro, disco, no-wave, new wave etc... Future blip events will include a wide range of like minded established DJs, Bands and other audio/visual installations. Spin off Pilot events will happen at different locations throughout the spring / summer / fall of 2001 in NYC.
Atari 2600 / Commodore 64 Tournament for prizes!
Hosted by : Super Genius (Star Wars Breakbeat, Suckadelic Records)

u n l i m i t e d P l a y e r s .