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>??? Why your photo is no more available on
>I just saw it once this morning...
>C'est dommage. Il est une tres belle photo.
>--  Enzo Maggi  -  Mandrakesoft

1 swallows infinities. 0smos1sKa0sAndNoth1ngBeyond=. Wholeness is a moment.

Infinity is only a centre.

Division is motion, motion is division in Time.

Motion is cloning of Moments. Pent ag RAM. Random Access Motion. Micro.=6


The Fractal.



10 is the fractal child of 1. The digital mutation.

What is the Matrix?

The day the boy cloned the sky. The silent shadow that is the voice. 

Infinity is not a number yet it is infinite.


Foundation to build on.


Sav ovaj Kaos je Ljubav.

Volim vas jako.

Are you even breathing?


rlkzd  |
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