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[Nettime-bold] New issue of Immediacy is now on-line

The new issue of Immediacy
(, the web
publication of Media Studies Department of The Newschool University, is
now on-line. The new issue, (Volume 2 Number 2, 2000) titled "In The
Mix 2000", features the following selected student works of the past

- "To Dream, To Die: Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut" by Roy Brand
This paper examines issues concerning social criticism, the industry
of fantasy, and the psychology of the view through a detailed
interpretation of  Stanley Kubrick's film Eyes Wide Shut.

- "Nausea: Nauseating Mortality or American Media" by Leili Gueranfar
(streaming audio)
A peek into what could have been the awakening, alienation, and death
of American artist David Wojnarowicz.

- "125th Street Drama" by  Manuel Lopez (streaming audio)
Narrated in a documentary style, this "audio-fiction" portrays the
collective agitation in a Harlem condominium after one of the
residents has mysteriously disappeared.

- "Wildman on the ChessBoard" by Maria Lovett (streaming video)
Wildman on the Chessboard is a short documentary film about a homeless
chess player in Washington Square Park and the significant
relationship between people and experiences in everyday life.

- "Rhythm A La Turka" by Omer Ali Kazma (streaming video)
Two men seemingly obsessed with language use repetition, rhythm, and
rhyme to conceal and sometimes reveal meaning in a peculiar

- "Prime Time '99: The Absent Black Narrative" by Tabanitha McDaniel
This essay focuses on  Fall 1999 when the dearth of Black
representation on television became a hot issue. McDaniel examines the
socio-political implications of an absent Black narrative and proposes
solutions for a truly multicultural viewing experience.

- "TV Ratings: Of Myth and Reality" by Radhika Nanda (article)
Nanda demystifies the circulation of commodities in the cultural
universe of television in an essay that critically questions the basis
of sophisticated techniques used to harness the intangible and
unreprentative nature of television viewing behavior.

- "Symphony East - West" by John Plenge (streaming audio)
An audio collage combining Asian and Middle Eastern music traditions
with Western classical and pop instruments.

- "Media Elision" by Carol Wilder (article)
"Media Elision" asks the question: Have we witnessed a complete genre
meltdown in the past thirty years?  Have we accomplished a complete
blurring between fact and fiction, politics and entertainment?  And if
this is the case, what does it mean for mediated culture?

- "And now happiness " by Tung Wang Wu (streaming video)
Tung's second film, And now happiness explores the filmmaker's
complicated relationship with his mother as a way of understanding his
hatred from her point-of-view.

- "Sign of Times: The Promise of Prosperity" by Eric Zechman (article)
Both the mainstream media and U.S. politicians continue to proclaim
that these are the best of times.  Eric Zechman wonders how the
average American experiences this prosperity and what is the
significance of the overwhelming popularity of the television game
show "Who Wants to Be a  Millionaire?"

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