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[Nettime-bold] Fwd: update on part-timer campaign


In all the over-the-top rhetoric of the last few days, I forgot to give the update on my latest campaign to force the Univeristy Administration to offer a lower rate for classes taught by part-time faculty members. I just had a very good article about it in the Portland Phoenix, one of the cities two large circulation weekly newspapers. I have also been in contact with one of the top writers for the Portland Press Herald, which is Portland's only daily, and is the largest daily for the entire Southern part of the state, below Lewiston, anyway. University President Dick Pattenaude called my letter to him "irresponsible" and that he didn't care to comment on it. I am going to mail copies of the article to every member of the board of trustees, and to the Chancellor and Commissioner of Education and Governor King, alledging that it is really irresponsible for President Pattenaude to decline to comment on this very important issue in a public forum. We are a public institution, I !
believe that makes him ethically repsonsible for answering any reasonable questions that are raised by responsible members of the community, like for instance professional journalists. Also, I know my allies and friends amoung the students have been collecting tons of signatures in favor of my proposal. I think I will probably get on television, if I can manage to organize a modest sized public demonstration and march on the President's office.    
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