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>thank you very very
>hope all goes well with the nn v. sickling74 lawsuit.  wish to see them bankrupted 
>+ nn to acquire Max.  >[mais. 
>only the code electable for sanitization, daccord]

I do not wish to bankrupt Cycling74 although if I do sue them 
- am waiting to see what Zicarelli decides [his wardrobe is already ultra pathetic] - 

they certainly will be bankrupt 

as shall be select life forms - principally David Zicarelli and Joshua Kit Clayton 
+ anyone else involved in the thievery and industrial espionage and  \ or sabotage
[there is one company at the moment affiliated with Cycling74  - silly life forms]

for the moment however David Zicarelli and Joshua Kit Clayton.
David Zicarelli in more ways than one - i.e. not just software related.

Ircam may also be implicated as they are totally + completely irresponsible;
that is they are utilizing public .fr money to provide a monopoly to 
ultra thievery + lying + addtladdtladdtladdtladdtladdtl Cycling74.


Since lawsuits arent nearly as interactive + immersive as public discourse
select emails for select life forms.

        simply.filth       -   David Zicarelli <>
        simply.filth       -   Joshua Kit Clayton <>

        simply.employee    -   Vincent Puig <>

                overall a very uneventful bunch - smakc them freely++ \ they love it.

___... and NN does not want Max that way. NN shall take Max. 
via total radikaler korporat warfare. 


da. wink + ciao.nn


Netochka Nezvanova  - simply SUPERIOR
                                                     |  +----------
                                                    |  |     <   
                                   \\----------------+  |  n2t      
                                                       |       >

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