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[Nettime-bold] Trial dates

The 'incite to stalk' trial of the online performance art troupe The Lumpen 
Illuminates  is due to take place on the 25.3.01.
And it is more important than ever for any cyber art common-unity to manifest 
itself right now before ignorant judicial philistines with no understanding 
of the avant -garde condemn the company's director to a lengthy prison term 
for daring to examine the psycho-sociological pathologies (fostered by the 
state and its employers) creatively and experimentally by detourning  and 
splicing psychiatric jargon and official computer help lines in a somewhat 
more than obvious if not down right crude way (the main page of the s.a.c 
site apart from quite clearly redirecting the communist manifesto also 
screams a perfectly obvious disclaimer heralding 'A COMMUNIQUÉ SHUNS STUDY' ! 
such a basic attack upon our right  to a  freedom of expression on the web 
could -if this test case succeeds- be a threat to every one of us.
Please help by sending your e-mails of support to the channel fo r website 
who have agreed to send the mother of all petitions (it has  been collecting 
since september) on the actual day of the trial itself.We have enlisted the 
support of several veterans of online infringements and at this vital stage 
for democracy have pledged to throw everything into our defence fund no 
matter what it may cost es.
Lets act now it could be you next.


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