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[Nettime-bold] +Organic Cording+: Stretching :the X.][in][hibition Opening]

+Organ][elle][ic Cording+: read: 
 Stretching :the X.][in][hibition Opening][fabric 
            :of le][wd][ctrons][

][pants of lucid fire][
][chitinous breakages N hats of feline fractures][
][feet N mewling mouths][
][renew N 4get][
][stop the setup][
][coiled architectures N repleted white-][squared N][-cubed placements][
][snared in weight][lessness][][
][backboneish hyper][spesh.][v][ial][-K snapping][
][ligatures N fashion liniments][
][ambu.lancing N soiling social mappings][
][][sili][conning the sponsors][
][yakety-yak yr ja][ckda][w][

             ][sig][h][ning yr non-verbals in2 wordage][

.           .    ....         .....
          n.sert no here xXXx             
.... .                  .???  .......

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