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[Nettime-bold] Internet Streaming Event this Friday with People Like Us

THE STREAMING LOUNGE : 7.30PM - 9.30PM (GMT) : Friday 16th March

People Like Us, Hull Time Based Arts and Detritus take great pride
and delight in announcing The Streaming Lounge - the broadcast of two
simultaneous audio streams of live sound collage performance.

Hope you can join us this Friday for an audience participation
webstream. two streams: one from PLU in the UK and one from Detritus
in the US.   The streams will be feeding from each other and we hope
that you will feed from us and respond in the following ways:

You will have the opportunity to phone in with your recordings,
upload mp3s, post up jpegs of you listening to the show (with your
favourite beverage please!), to spew mess in the chat room (which
will be projected onto the wall of the Streaming Lounge in Hull) and
watch a very blurry looking webcam shot of some strangers moving very
fast very slowly. If you live in the north of England then maybe you
would like to come along to the event @ Time Based Arts, 42 High
Street, in Hull's picturesque Old Town, from 7.30pm for a couple of
hours with free Yorkshire Tea!

Below are the details for participation and listening.

People Like Us stream (including, by Friday - chatroom, webcam):
Detritus stream:

Phone People Like Us on the 16th March (7.30-9.30pm uk time ONLY in
these hours) : 01482 216446 (+44 1482 216446 if you are outside the
UK).   As soon as the phone picks up you will be on the air.  Do not
expect a verbal response, you'll monitor yourself on the telephone
and a few days later maybe even on the webstream, ha ha.
Upload your mp3s and jpegs for inclusion in the
Special mp3 download with invitation:

Thank you in advance,

Vicki and Steev
P L U     Detritus

Steev Hise
"In economic and political institutions the corporate rich
now wield enormous power, but they have never had to win the
moral consent of those over whom they hold this power."
                -C. Wright Mills

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