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[Nettime-bold] Re: An open line to time

 Terrence Kosick <>

>I am delving into criteria off list . The filters so far are brevity
>"one liners" as opposed to intelligent content that contains no personal
>attacks. I feel if something is or even if in the case of attacks or
>just plain exasperating stupidity slipped in a longer perhaps more
>convincing post, which never seem to get  filtered, there has to be and
>explanation and a criteria in place. After all idiotic people in
>positions of power seem the norm. They at lest have the ability to be
>professional about their, at times, idiotic notions and prolonged
>statements that often lack focus or even follow the rules of good
>dialectic engagement.     It seems fruitless dialogue must seem clever
>rather than be truly resolved or come to good conclusions.  If a list is
>to me moderated lets do it right and weed out the at times, (due to
>perhaps lazyness)  pretentious ones that reside on these lists. If this
>helps to invigorate the net scene into a brand new intelligent level of
>discssion with that  I will promise no more clever (or , intellectually
>profound, if indeed very lazy ) one-liners.

cenzor = zekx[i]

>ps please don't swear max
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>> > Please stop censoring posts.
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>> > Thank you
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>> > Is nettime censoring your posts?
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>> hello Terrence
>> they don't give a fuck neither art natural nor genius
>> but just bull
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