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[Nettime-bold] 5th ARTS&Games Festival

5th ARTS&Games Festival

March 9-11, 2001, at the Humboldt University, Berlin
Department of Cultural Studies and Art
The topic of the upcoming festival is: Spielfeld (playground / 
playing field / playing board)
Location:  K[Punkt]- Aktions- und Medienraum des Kulturwissenschaftlichen 
Seminars der Humboldt Universität zu Berlin - Monbijoustr.3, D-10117 
For further information contact the local organiser: 
Alexander Klose, Rungestr. 13, D-10179 Berlin, Tel.: 0049-30-27593197 
Fax: 0049-30-20931927; e-mail:


Friday, March 9th, 2001

18:00	Manfred J. Holler (Professor of Economics, University of Hamburg):
Welcome to ARTS&Games - "Duchampian Evolution and Darwin's Egg"
18:45	Alexander Klose (HU-Berlin, cultural studies) Welcome to K[Punkt] -
"The Schitzow Shop Experiment" - narration of an experimental real shop
19:45	John Sedgwick (Principal Research Fellow, University of North
London):    "Vertical and Horizontal Differentiation of Film Screens"
20:45	Philipp von Hilgers (Humboldt University), Introduction to "Discourse
Analyzing Machine"

Saturday, March 10th, 2001

14:00	Sofia Blind (Economist, Geilnau) "Piles of Tiles. The Theory of
Tiling in Five Axes, with Practical Exercises"
14:45	Sabine Kramer (Artist, Hamburg): " No game without dirty hands - a
creativity exercise"
15:45	Ben Spencer (Glasgow): "The Glasgow Space"
16:30	Barbara Klose-Ullmann (Munich Institute of Integrated Studies):
"Chromatic Diet Revisited - Dimensions of Interaction"
17:00	S O U P B R E A K (till 18:30)
18:30	Sten Bülow Bredsted (Institute for Ædelmetal/København) "Action
Jewelry: High Speed jewelry making with heavy tools and any available
19:15	Traude Linhardt (Artist, Munich): "Motion-Field"
20:00	Matze Schmidt/Sascha Pogacar (Berlin, Kassel): "Jam: Media Space -
Games Intervals+Connex I/O+"RADIO"
20:30	Werner Wehnert (Munich) - "Moving Spaces / Film Material"
21:30	open playground:
organic-anorganic/organic-organic/anorganic-anorganic interactivity
(fireplace, music, drinks; open end)

Sunday, March 11th, 2001

11:00	 Norbert Leudemann (Art Historian, Munich Institute of Integrated
Studies):    "The Discovery of the Chessboard"
11:30	Jürgen Backhaus (Professor of Economics, University of Erfurt):
"Courbet…L´Origine du Monde"
12:30	Collecting Leftovers Exhibition
13:00	Round Table: Is there fortune in ARTS&Games?

Permanent Installations and Actions:

Yvette Bredsted (Institute for Ædelmetal/ København), "Identification
Badges. - For participants and for those who want to get a sunburn"
Petra Grünig (Artist, Hamburg - New York) "Transparent People"
Mia Rævenstrøm/Simon Sparwasser (Artists, HU-Berlin cultural studies)
"Spielfeld Implosion - Transversive Installation"
M.V.Stein (Artist, Dresden/Berlin), "Electronic Fireplace"

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