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[Nettime-bold] A MOMENT OF SILENCE... FOR eToys Inc.


thousands mourn : we all just lost a player,
9 billion dollars and a legendary "s"...

the following message was distributed among 
the business community tonight - right after 
eToys Inc. officially went out of business... - a moment of silence.

on all the desks of the analysts at this moment:


SUBJECT: eToys Inc. founder Toby Lenk offered 
position on etoy.CORPORATION board.

eToys Inc. <fmr.ETYS> - recently worth 9 billion 
dollars on NASDAQ - filed for bankruptcy <Chapter 11> 
today March 7th, 2001. Gramazio, President of the 
etoy.CORPORATION comments: "For young entrepreneurs 
like us this just marks the end of phase II (massive 
seed) in the process of turning the Internet into 
a reasonable market place. We still love the 
challenge of this business and the development of 
exciting playgrounds. Burning capital for crazy 
business plans is a good thing to do and "bricks-
and-mortar" is just not the kick we are looking 
for. It's the groove that keeps us making culture 
and cash. Let's enjoy phase III! We do what we can 
do to keep the wheels turning. Sometimes even the 
other way around if it works better that way".

The etoy.CREW takes a respectful bow before eToys' 
corporate grave: "These guys went out to shake 
things up. Ok, their business plan needs to be 
scrapped and the way they tried to solve disputes 
was neither smart nor ethical. But business is 
hard and Mr. Lenk a young man. All he needs is 
better partners and to learn to play well with 
others", explains etoy's in-house Counsel Kubli.

"Money is like a false friend - As soon as you 
face trouble it leaves you. Today almost everybody 
can cause trouble without even leaving the house. 
That's not a bad thing. CEOs, lawyers and investors 
simply have to learn how to deal with this fact 
instead of wasting energy on old-fashioned power. 
Communicate before you take action and think twice 
about your enemies! They may be nicer than you 
think", said Internet scholar Dr. Grether from 
Constance University and founder of who closely followed the 
fundamental trademark dispute renowned as "TOYWAR". 
Mrs. Monorom, Executive Officer of the etoy.VENTURE-
CAPITAL group adds: "The Porsche that is parked in 
your garage is connected to the life you live and 
the cash you burn to the friends and enemies you 
have. If YOU don't connect those things yourself 
etoy will do it for you. Whether you like it or not. 
The digital revolution goes on. Thousands spend 
every minute of their lives learning how to use 
their electronic toys to become players generating 
impact - to be part of the code of tomorrow".

Even Zai makes no bones about it: "Mr. Lenk, let's 
try and bury the hatchet. Now that you've lost your 
"s", why not come and play with us. As CEO of etoy, 
I personally invite you to join our board. Together
we are an unrivalled team. Imagine! We could really 
rock the party".

Think about it. ARTISTS & BUSINESSMEN, tonight, as 
you all open your cold beers or a bottle of Chateau 
Mouton Rothschild 1989 from <no symbol>.
It is the privilege of all who are able to read this
message to think about the future of human culture. 
It's a real luxury to invest and lead. Bad business 
is like bad art: not worth your resources, boring 
and fading away fast. 

24 hour press office etoy.TANK14: ++41 1 242 40 81

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