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Re: [Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Venice, an option

want something new ?

forget the avant-garde !
gET Ready for the En-gArde !


kuni a *crit :

> dear vuk,
> > In order to shed some quality light on net.art, I have decided to curate a
> > paralel show where I have invited some people you all might know. The desire
> > is to contextualize my shit.
> brilliant idea.
> esp. as any avantgarde later to be known as such
> needs more but one lonely soldier ;-)
> [and for those naive beings who'd assumed at this
> point the net as such would have been enough
> context to contextualize net.art: wake up. here
> we are talking about a traditional art world biennial
> thing]
> well, anyway:
> > the catalogue of the other show (alexei, rtmark, heath,
> > 01010101..., jodi, tom jennings, vinylvideo, vuk)
> just in case this is already the list of participants you
> invited for the other show, it seems to
> me that the significant other is significantly
> underrepresented.
> I mean: 50% of 0100101110101101.org is really poor, isn't it?
> is this part of some extra sophisticated ironic strategy
> - like: 'they' want to represent the absolute net.artist,
> I will show 'them' that absolute net.art is _really_
> matching all the needs for a new avant-garde...
> ...because avantgarde was, is and will always be "men only"...
> ...because in times that see more and more
> people so eager not only to make, but also to write
> truenet.art.history one should not hesitate to meet
> the needs of traditional art history, that is, a.o.,
> to give people later on the opportunity to ask:
> "why have there been no great women net.artists?"
> ...or just
> ...because net.art, I mean: real net.art and esp.
> true net.art (that is: the context you named above)
> definitely was (and is) more or less "men only"?
> or do you just want to make some pun on/fun of the good
> old nettimers, themselves so often (and sooo
> unwarranted indeed) blamed for being an old
> boys' club?
> in any of the above named cases:
> brilliant!
> immensely amused:
> kuni
> ps:
> neither artist, nor net.artist, nor feeling
> excluded by any criteria for net.art.avantgarde ;-))
> - just: immensely amused, though...
> anyway, just in case you need some inspiration as
> net.art.curator, just mailto:boys@obn.org
> you know, for sure we can help you out with some names
> & urls...
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