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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Venice, an option

dear vuk,

> In order to shed some quality light on net.art, I have decided to curate a
> paralel show where I have invited some people you all might know. The desire
> is to contextualize my shit.
brilliant idea.
esp. as any avantgarde later to be known as such
needs more but one lonely soldier ;-)
[and for those naive beings who'd assumed at this
point the net as such would have been enough
context to contextualize net.art: wake up. here
we are talking about a traditional art world biennial

well, anyway:
> the catalogue of the other show (alexei, rtmark, heath,
> 01010101..., jodi, tom jennings, vinylvideo, vuk)
just in case this is already the list of participants you
invited for the other show, it seems to 
me that the significant other is significantly
I mean: 50% of 0100101110101101.org is really poor, isn't it?

is this part of some extra sophisticated ironic strategy
- like: 'they' want to represent the absolute net.artist,
I will show 'them' that absolute net.art is _really_
matching all the needs for a new avant-garde...
...because avantgarde was, is and will always be "men only"...
...because in times that see more and more
people so eager not only to make, but also to write
truenet.art.history one should not hesitate to meet
the needs of traditional art history, that is, a.o.,
to give people later on the opportunity to ask:
"why have there been no great women net.artists?"
...or just
...because net.art, I mean: real net.art and esp.
true net.art (that is: the context you named above)
definitely was (and is) more or less "men only"?

or do you just want to make some pun on/fun of the good
old nettimers, themselves so often (and sooo
unwarranted indeed) blamed for being an old
boys' club?

in any of the above named cases:

immensely amused:
neither artist, nor net.artist, nor feeling
excluded by any criteria for net.art.avantgarde ;-))
- just: immensely amused, though...
anyway, just in case you need some inspiration as
net.art.curator, just mailto:boys@obn.org 
you know, for sure we can help you out with some names
& urls...

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