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Re: [Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Venice, an option // 100% net.art

> Can you either be more vague or clear? It might clarify your important
> issue. Thanks.

do you think at some vuk's pheromonal ascii encoding my syster ? brilliant ! myself i
have also exactly the same idea since i know one could do some notes with gene. for
instance yesterday i drive two kids to school in hearing eminem's 'suck my dick' with
so much suck spagetty noise..here eminem is quite inoffensive cause kids don't
understand what the fuck he says..but in hearing the two kids used of what they call
'fart clay' you know this kind of plasticine that rang so true borborygmus...so much
incredible i stop for hearing better : kids laugh and laugh so much with in the beat
the plasticine with eminem ! ... i i was extatic exactly as you are... my english is
not so good especially when i sing but there... really really great !

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