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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Venice, an option // 100% net.art

dear anja,

> 0100101110101101.org is 50% female
as I conceeded
> irational.org is 50% female.
> nn is hypothetically 100% female.
> that overhyped c5 artrice is 100$ female.
> olia lialina is 100% female.
> eva wohlgemuth is 100% female.
> jodi is 50% female.
100 % correct
(esp. in the last case, yes, my fault)

[to be frank: personally, I believe
that not only any true piece of net.art,
but also all true net.artists are 100% female
-- even those who do not know about that so far
and are spending their public, sometimes
even their private life as male
impersonators to make sure they succeed in
the art world... some even get
married and/or pretend to have children
with their female partners ;-))]

anyway, well, I have to admit the hormonal status
of the artists themselves was not my point --
maybe it was more the hormonal status of
the net.art(.history discussion) in general
... which is, again, not _that_ directly
related to the biological
sex of those participating in the discussion
on net.art going on here...
even if one might trace something like that
between the lines...


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