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[Nettime-bold] **Fourth International Browserday NYC**

For Immediate Release

Contact:  Shira Szego
Phone: 646 638 4950 x109
Fax: 646 638 4953
New York City

Fourth International Browserday Debuts in the U.S.

New York City, NY, March 2001 - International Browserday kicks off its
first event in the U.S. on March 29 at Cooper Union's The Great Hall (7
East 7th St), the New York City venue known for hosting public speeches by
rebels and presidents alike.   Following three sold-out shows in Amsterdam,
the Fourth International Browserday is a traveling competition in which
students and young designers involved in computer science, Web design and
the creative arts present "out of the box" solutions for redesigning the

Produced by NL.Design and United Digital Artists, International Browserday
is co-sponsored by Apple Computer, the Consulate General of the Netherlands
in New York and the Mondriaan Foundation in Amsterdam. This pioneering
event for the future of design and the Internet is expected to draw over
900 students and faculty from the creative arts as well as industry
professionals from around the world.

Starting at 12PM on Thursday, March 29, 33 finalists from around the world
will share their visions for the future of the Internet and global
communications.  Finalists will have three minutes to wow the jury and
audience in a rapid succession of presentations and performances.
 Steven Johnson, author of "Interface Culture" as well as
editor-in-chief and co-founder of Feed Magazine, will moderate the show.
Keynote speakers include Bill Buxton, chief scientist of Alias|Wavefront
Toronto, and Douglas Rushkoff, professor at New York University and author
of "Coercion". In addition, Joes Koppers, winner of the First International
Browserday in Amsterdam, will present and discuss his award-winning piece.
At 7PM, the jury will announce five winners who will receive The Browser

Fourth International Browserday jury members include:
Paola Antonelli, associate curator, Museum of Modern Art Alex Galloway,
editor and director of technology, Rhizome.org Carl Goodman, curator of
digital media, American Museum of the Moving Image Golan Levin, VP research
and development, Design Machine NYC Matt Owens, partner, one9ine NYC Ken
Perlin, director, New York University Multimedia Laboratory Erik Post,
visual systems design specialist, Razorfish

Confirmed Fourth International Browserday finalists:
Mark Argo, CA Demetra Baylor, Pratt Institute, NY Henk Jan Bouwemeester,
Sandberg Institute, The Netherlands Jonah Brucker-Cohen, New York
University, NY Maya Ciarrocchi, School of Visual Arts, NY Carlos Gomez de
Llarena, New York University, NY Kim Grinfeder, New York University, NY
Imani Griszell, Pratt Institute, NY Joleen Hanlon and Julia Lund, Pratt
Institute, NY Noah Hedler and Todd Holubec, New York University, NY Wen-Bin
Hsieh, Pratt Institute, NY Kenji Ishimaru and Lena Merhej, Parsons School
of Design, NY Siddharth Jatia, Parsons School of Design, NY Trishank
Karthik, Multimedia University, Malaysia Shin-Il Kim, School of Visual
Arts, NY Richard Lehman, Pratt Institute, NY Marc Lin, Parsons School of
Design, NY Lilian Liu, Pratt Institute, NY Federico Losada, Pratt
Institute, NY Luna Maurer, Sandberg Institute, The Netherlands Sreeja Nair,
Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia Chris Norman, Pratt Institute, NY Drew
Paley and Tim Wagner, St. Michael's College, VT Dimitri Spiridonakos, Pratt
Institute, NY Koert van Mensvoort, Sandberg Institute, The Netherlands
Sandra Villareal, Pratt Institute, NY Silke Wawro, Sandberg Institute, The
Netherlands Irene Widjaya, Pratt Institute, NY Roel Wouters, Sandberg
Institute, The Netherlands Jonathan Young, School of Visual Arts, NY Tony
Yu, Carnegie-Mellon University, PA Yun Toeseoup, Pratt Institute, NY

NL.Design (www.nl-design.net), founded by Mieke Gerritzen, is a digital
design and print company in Amsterdam that also produces short films and
events. Gerritzen is an award-winning designer who received the Werkman
prize for the house-styling of the TV channel Nederland 3 in 2000.
NL.Design produced the first three Browserdays in Amsterdam, and plans to
travel with the competition to Berlin and Japan.

United Digital Artists (www.uda.com), founded by Stewart McBride, is one of
the nation's leading digital design and Web training companies. In addition
to International Browserday, UDA produces a number of events including
flashforward2001 with lynda.com (www.flashforward2001.com) and Edgewise01

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