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[Nettime-bold] .XXX][y][xx. E-ros N Thantos . ][x][

		.    XXXXX      ][x][  ][y][   ][x][.

_[ore: Re.Coll][ation.S][ections Fromme The Fri][day][zzonic]._

.a switching co][dependant][][er][rrosion.
.i move 2wards. further pop-jointed anne.surs. the ][hugo][bossman
sings, vocal fibres fila.][de][mented in a tune of angry][penguined][ want.
he s.tart][juice][s the car.
.i sing ah song of sexpence. travelling thru lashes of green-leaved
boundaries, several layers of flesh meating flesh ][bovine organ.elle.ics
gra][ss][zin, a b&w dot][com.MOOOOOoo.icated flash][. roadkill b.cums
po][mo][tential, packets of tra][gedy][uma][thurmanesque][ lining a grey
gr][n][avel][rashed][led ][source][locator. my voice is... vi][treous][ctor
		.][pap][smeared n dang.e][lled][rous.  

.i am re:Mind][er, remember that teev show?][.dead of the last
alive-then-MoM][Aed][entarily-gone roadkill, the length of its tail N the
blood on its snout, a p][aw][oor visc][f][eral ba][n][g, i was out of the
car b4 it even st][h][opped, the smash enuff to cover my mouth with hands N
][terrored][groans, tears N blood mis][t][ing on the anim][us or e][][al,
poor paw pore.paw... i lifted and furred its head, a nostril drenched with
a tin][c][t][ure][ far r][d][e][a][dder than the contact][red head and
draining mocked up hair dyed tiles][ would n.dicate.......
.one leg, cracked N cre][che][ased, flopping tend][rills][ons][and now, offs][
.its soft body warmth, my panicked sobs, a compulsion 4
rea][de][rrange.ment, i 4get 2 check its belly-pouch, backpedalling 2 the
][now][corpse, a][h!!][gain][st the tide of fractal fate][, no pouch nor
m.byron][and shelley would have done this, 2][ic crawling.

		.all ov this on xXXXmas day.

_[ore: Re.Calib][an]ration.s Fromme The Sat][yr][urday]._

.the prese][nile][NT. bac 2 the ][futore, futon, futile][ n][arrative][owe.
my voice, again][st the cd-mp.threed-record.ed nowe][. a streaming satyr,
hands flicking smoothe round buttons of flesh N volume i.s][et][i][ 2][
low. a warbling straight-jacketted audio accom][pliment][][auto][modative.
still][ed][ inne the car, a mo][u][rnings light, 2 silver sparks as wheels
hit wheel br.acers. televised reaper visions.
.we a][fter c-ing a planescape on a cars roof, a smoothed torp][ored][edo
lanquid N loose][rrive. my hands sw][ivel in the muscle N meat against the
palms and fingahs][eat fumes. i close the door, agh!astly loud against the
noiseless pa][berea][vement.
.2 days of tensed.physique.heat. a whoreless mutha, carved from dogma.code
n mouthmuscletinged ][alex.zander][downers. a fathah wrinkled in2
optic][fibre lined][s. a sistah drenched. a brother shaved n dismayed. a
gamer afternoon, all jumping jacks N jill.less spaces. streams of obscene
clicks n cliques. n.knee.brie.8.ted jocks. a shoulder burnt N retina scanned.
.we eat pretend food. packettes of gloss & l][acquered][oin. a waiter
brings us fl][ewd][uid from the chillah's mouth. the new black is
out][re][, ah flu][orescein isocyanate][ro-pointed eyelined lens cap
wrecker is the gnu season's c][andee][oloure.][S][ession.istic.
		.arous][al][ing n.strum][ming][ental.

.aftah dinner ][mint-fresh-breath][.amber fluid post-nite][on the town][,
n.nother red liquid flows N furr again, this type-o of mouth. we table sit,
a dead friends brother bringing fresh dec][ades ago, still stabbing][ay. i
retch in2 my con][ned][vers][ed feet][ation. a hairy-balled other spews
wordian thorts. a tangled bout of lust. my hands thrust in2 sonic air. 
.a move in2 the uppersphere. a swan.sigg N ah ein debacle. crouching
fig][ory][ures, slinging in2 birthplaces N stretchmarked feline want. i
cringe, again.
.a towering social scaffolding. new ][oldian][face, unwanted and unknowing.
blackened fireplace and oven-thru-the-plate-glass ][via domestics][. i melt
in2 a fluff blanket, my others voice is stilled, sing][e][song silence here.

		.sleep nowe. 


.           .    ....         .....
          n.sert no here xXXx             
.... .                  .???  .......

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