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[Nettime-bold] beware of bulldozers

The early republic elections were held in Serbia on 23rd of December. As
you probably know, the DOS has won the two-third majority in the future
Serbian parliament.
Socialists have only 13-14% of all the votes, as well as extreme right
parties (Seselj's radicals and late Arkan's Party of Serbian Unity).
That's the political spectrum of Serbia now.
Nobody celebrates very convincing victory of DOS - everybody was bloody
aware of the necessity (and certainty) for this victory to be happened -
but it IS a great relief. Now DOS may demonstrate its will to reform the
country and fulfill the expectations, without any sabotage by the
socialists. People want to see a slightest sign of improvement of their
life standard within the next months, and they want to see some guys
behind the bars. Djindjic seems ready to do it.
But Djindjic also seems ready to concentrate the power in his hands. The
bulldozer, taken as a kind of symbol of the October Bourgeois Revolution
in Serbia, may be as well taken as the metaphor for ambitious Djindjic.
That's why the DOS is very likely to split before the next summer, as
well as Yugoslavia will probably split in the same time.
So, the year 2001 will bring Serbia and Montenegro as two separate
countries, and at least two new large political blocks coming out of the
Then the position of the president of Yugoslavia will lose its sense
means that Kostunica will lose his current position), and there will be
presidential elections in Serbia in 2001. It will be a very interesting
The expected dissolution of the DOS will finally give Serbs the
opportunity to have some true electional options. On Saturday, December
23, we voted for Djindjic as a bulldozer which will definitely burry
Milosevic. The next elections will be the choice between Djindjic and
someone else who could stop his running bulldozer before he turns into a
new Milosevic.
Djindjic, Kostunica, Velimir Ilic... that's a healthier choice than this
one between Milosevic, Seselj and Vuk Draskovic, to which we were being
forced during the last unfortunate decade.
So, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Aleksandar Gubas

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