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[Nettime-bold] David Ross is a Disreputable Person Running a Disreputable Institution

Subj:    RE: RHIZOME_RAW: IBM&Intel push copy protection into ordinary 
Date:   12/23/2000 4:53:36 PM Central Standard Time
From:   daross51@pacbell.net (David A. Ross) [Director of SFMOMA]
To: Nmherman@aol.com

Dear Max Herman:

Holiday greetings to you as well, and may all your wishes for fame and power
come true.



I take it you won't respond to the open letter regarding your theory of 
"internal revolution" to be brought by the internet.  Remember the audience 
during your speech with Weibel, back in '99, and how they said "the internet 
is so new and all your comments and ideas about are so stale and cliche"?  I 
do.  It's on the tape you made too, I'll request access to it one day.  
Perhaps you better lose it somehow.  

An open question:  Do you trust David Ross to do what's right?  I don't.  
I've met him and seen many of his posts, and I say he's just another 
corporate weasel who works for the rich.  

For more background on this dispute, check 
www.egroups.com/group/Genius2000Conference2000 and 
http://www.geocities.com/genius-2000/Archive2000.html (SFMOMA82700).

Ross, you're a bum!

Max Herman
The Genius 2000 Network

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The new agenda for digital art at the SFMOMA is paid for by Intel.  Why
we all get out there and start getting some.  Let's get some.  Let's get
some.  David Ross, fuck you.  Hard.  It's a sin not to act.  Delenda est
Sfmomo.  Many humans die grasping for the things we are allowing to be

Come on fuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Max Herman
The Genius 2000 Network
Now is the time

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