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[Nettime-bold] December 25, 2000


For Immediate Release:

Max Herman will be protesting on behalf of the Genius 2000 Network from 3:00 
to 4:00 pm Central Standard Time, December 25, 2000, on the sidewalk in front 
of governor Jesse Ventura's mansion on Summit Avenue in St. Paul Minnesota.

If you wish to notify the media of this protest, please do so.  You may also 
fax Governor Ventura your comments at 651-296-0674.  Faxes sent during the 
protest will be considered part of the protest.  

The Governor will be asked to read from the following dated December 25, 
1998.  It is an excerpt from the Genius 2000 Video First Edition, and is 
titled "An Open Letter to Governor-Elect Jesse Ventura":

'Ted: Okay. "Here at the Project we are planning to try to increase public, 
non-profit discussion of the year 2000 by demanding official acknowledgment 
of the Genius 2000 Project by Governor-Elect Jesse Ventura" Governor-Elect of 
the state of Minnesota. "Our request is that the Governor-Elect sign a letter 
in which he states or reacts to the following text: 'Whereas the upcoming 
year 2000 is of vast importance to the people of Minnesota on many levels; 
whereas I will be Governor of the State at that time; and acknowledging the 
need for sustained public discussion of this event in venues and forums 
offering the widest possible access to the people of this state; I support 
the following resolution presented to me by the Genius 2000 Project, a 
non-profit association of concerned Minnesotans. This group is not connected 
to any religious denomination, political party, or corporation. "Be it 
resolved: discussion and open debate, conducted with civility and mutual 
respect, must be the norm as we begin to contemplate the major historical, 
technological, and cultural milestone we are approaching in the year 2000. I 
pledge to support a public sphere of communication, via the internet and 
other media, which is as inclusive and open as possible. I support this both 
in my own actions and by advocating media access for all concerned members of 
our community."' This media action will involve a significant demonstration 
at the State Capitol, the Governor's Mansion, or other highly visible 
location. We will simultaneously e-mail or regular mail the above remarks in 
an open letter to Governor-Elect Ventura and ask that he offer a public 
response via some widely accessible news media." Do you want me to continue?'

Don't forget to do your part for the future,

Max Herman
The Genius 2000 Network
December 25, 2000

Scene 28: Hooper in his office.

Hooper: But the other, the most, the beautiful aspect of genius is, the 
better use of the phrase, the word, is the realization that
human beings, in general, have a genius. All of us have elements of genius. 
Special abilities, special ways of putting ideas
together, special ways of expressing beauty in music, special ways of 
expressing love in a sort of communal sense
sometimes. That's the, that's also a genius, and it's the one that in a 
society, in an economy and a social system which tends to
be sort of built like a pyramid, with some folks up at the top and other 
people down at this bottom of this pyramid, who tend
to be regarded as less geniatric--no, not less genial, geniatrical or 

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