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>fuck that, its time for everybody seriously interested in preserving

!nd!kat zvp hou ur ss+mob akz!on `everybody` d!frz 4rom dze!r ss+mob akz!on

>atleast a trace of what we were dreaming the net could be, to look into
>some real activism (including my slack self) 

neo.h!p!del!k +?
! dont l!ke dzoze

> - its probably
>futile anyways, 

neo.h!p!del!k +?

>but so what, personally, in light of these developments,
>have nothing to lose anymore 

neo.h!p!del!k +?

>- i will be out of work as a techy/designer

! uant 2 rent u. 
kl!k h!er !f u uant 2:

>for cultural projects mainly, as these people wont  be doing anything
>online anymore if they cannot afford to buy a key, maintain its licence
>and pay for distribution. basically the same stuff (marginalisation/no
>access to mainstream media etc)  everybody in culture/art world has been
>bitchin about for the last 2500 years.
>phew, thanks for letting me unload some bile.


   - bra!n make m! 01 sentensz

                                           n      n 
                                     n                 e
                           n      n                         
                                                v3kt0r.r2!n - ztra!ng !n 2 dze z!ngular!t!


Netochka Nezvanova
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                                                    |  |     <   
                                   \\----------------+  |  n2t      
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