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[Nettime-bold] issue 11; electronic book review



tchkp! tchkp! tchkp!

Oh, you're reading this already? Yipes!

Hang on. . .  give me . . . about 30 more seconds

before you visit the new collection of ideas

at ebr
 electronic book review 11

We've just about got it all dug out . . . 

Sorry to make you wait . . . 

 We had ebr 11, 
 called "webarts," 
 all ready to go
 and then the snow started really coming down
 here in Chicago
 and the damn hyperlinks got all iced up . . . 

*whistles sharply, forming steam cloud*
Tabbi!  Joe! Chuck me the window-scraper, will you?

The good thing about this issue
is that there's a lot of HEAT deep inside it

YEAH, this issue's theme is  (quote) WEB ARTS (end quote)
and it casts that term wide enough
to include Jacquard looms


comic books


adhesive tape sculpture


global economies


narrative parasites

 . . . and that's the Big Story

 . . . BUT 

I think the HOT STORY in this ebr
you'll find 

-- between Hypertext and Cybertext in Nick Montfort's piece

 -- between Daniel Wenk and his reviewer
 (scroll to the bottom of "Telling Tales, Shaping Artists's Myths")

-- in William Gillespie's front-line account of a brutal poetry flame war 
 ("Is Charles Bernstein a Political Poet?")

-- as Jan Baetens takes on Scott McCloud

-- in the subtle sumo wrestling as both Richard John and Daniel Punday
 match separately with Bernard Siegert's "Relays"

-- rippling through the single best statement I've read on the election:
 Philip Wohlstetter's "The Runoff: a Simple Electoral Reform"

*knocks snow-caked shovel against the side of ebr 11*

The only trouble with this issue is that it thawed
and then froze again last night

(my fingers are numb; I gotta get new gloves!)


ebr 11 should be ready now. Go for it!

--- Rob Wittig

(Anne! Hey! Anne Burdick! Got any more of that schnapps?)


The Runoff: A Simple Electoral Reform 
by Philip Wohlstetter

ebr11 webarts 
Dali's Clocks
by Stephanie Strickland

Cybertext Killed the Hypertext Star 
by Nick Montfort 

Unfolding Laramee
by Allison Hunter 

Signmakers 1999 
by Cary Wolfe 

Tape for the Turn of the Year: Conversations With and About Daniel Wenk 
Recorded by Joseph Tabbi.

Telling Tales: Shaping Artists' Myths 
by John Brunetti 

New = Old, Old = New
by Jan Baetans 

ebr11 reVIEWs of general interest 

False Pretenses, Parasites,and Monsters 
by Tom Leclair

Feeding the Global Spider 
by Linda Brigham 

German TV Troubles
by Geoffrey Winthrop-Young

After the Post
by Daniel Punday

The Postal System and the Making of German Literary Culture 
by Richard John 

Poetry After the Great Divide 
by Jan Baetens 

Is Charles Bernstein a Political Poet? 
by William Gillespie

No. No. [Novel not to die  
by Stacey Levine

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