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[Nettime-bold] Re: RHIZOME_RAW: IBM&Intel push copy protection into ordinary disk drives


The new agenda for digital art at the SFMOMA is paid for by Intel.  Why don't 
we all get out there and start getting some.  Let's get some.  Let's get 
some.  David Ross, fuck you.  Hard.  It's a sin not to act.  Delenda est 
Sfmomo.  Many humans die grasping for the things we are allowing to be 

Come on fuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Max Herman
The Genius 2000 Network
Now is the time

In a message dated 12/23/2000 2:11:32 PM Central Standard Time, media@web.net 

> Intel and IBM have invented and are
>  pushing a change to the standard spec for PC hard drives that would
>  make each one enforce "copy protection" on the data stored on the hard
>  drive.  You wouldn't be able to copy data from your own hard drive to
>  another drive, or back it up, without permission from some third
>  party.  Every drive would have a unique ID and unique keys,

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