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Sue the Killers and the Corporate Gangsters That Employ Them:

SUE In The U.S.

Corporate Paid--

Private Security Forces and Their Corporate Employers

Corporations may use a country’s real military to integrate their own contracted personnel for the purpose of assassinating a corporation’s political and environmental opponents. So-called corporate paid security forces may work so closely with a foreign military, they appear to merge.

Financially Injured Non-U.S. Persons can use Racketeering Law from The U.S. Crime Control Act of 1970) to sue corporations that conduct business in U.S. jurisdictions, when the same corporations support racketeering criminal enterprises in non U.S. jurisdictions. Note: racketeering includes murder, extortion and robbery. Does that sound familiar?

Note: Recent U.S. Federal Case Opened Door For Financially injured persons to sue Corrupt U.S. Government agencies and Quasi Government Corporations / Agencies for racketeering—including U.S. Police Agencies:

New York Times: 8/30/00:

Lawsuits Against the LAPD Can Use Racketeering Law Judge Rules:

U.S. District Court Judge William Rea ruled--citizens framed by the LAPD, can use Racketeering Law to separately sue corrupt police and their government employers. 100 criminal cases were overturned as a result of LAPD corruption. Framed citizens may constitute a class to file class action racketeering {RICO) lawsuits against the City of Los Angeles. The statute of limitations to file a racketeering lawsuit under RICO, is 10 years:

The lead racketeering plaintiff in the LAPD Corruption Scandal was Louie Guerrero.