Seth Thompson on 22 Dec 2000 19:18:36 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] Attn: new media, video and animation artists


My name is Seth Thompson and I am the Director/Producer of is a bi-monthly webzine that is focused on 
bringing innovative short videos, animations and interactive works 
over the internet.  Our mission is to be a showcase, distribution and 
promotion center for media artists via the World Wide Web. is for audiences seeking innovative alternatives to 
traditional forms of entertainment.

We are seeking new media works as well as animations, videos and 
films to be streamed over the internet.  The deadline for the 
April/May 2001 issue is February 1, 2001.

In order to submit, I am asking that you fill out the on-line 
registration form and send the following items: completed copy of the 
submission form, promotional materials, 50 word synopsis of the 
piece, bio, and a self-addressed stamped envelope.  Works submitted 
should be on VHS (NTSC), cd-rom, 3.5" floppy disk or zip disk.  The 
reason for all this information is that if we accept your piece we 
may also want to do a profile on you and your work.  Please do not 
send content over the internet.  It will only be received if sent via 
snail mail.

Please visit  and go to the "submit media" page 
to fill out our on-line registration form.

If you know of anyone else who might be interested in submitting 
their work, please forward this e-mail to them.   Thank you.

Best wishes,

Seth Thompson

Sincere apologies to anyone who receives this twice, or receives this in error.

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through which you might be receiving this, please be sure to list 
them all.
Seth Thompson

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