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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> I did not fuck at CyberSalon. I was raped.

Shu Lea:

> The Salon remains a masturbatory exercise.

Of course it is . . . it was . . . and it will always be.


Because that's what I (you/we/me) designed it to be. <g>

There have been three CyberSalons.

The first was in my loft in Tribeca from 1992-94.

Everyone masturbated.

The second was from 1994-2000 in the Ber-zerk-ley hills (at Fred and

Everyone masturbated . . . again.

Then, there was the THIRD.  (Release 3.0)

Richard's in London.

Everyone masturbated . . . again and again.

What did you expect?

Things ALWAYS perform best when they are used FOR the purpose for which they

And, you may quote ME on that,

Mark Stahlman
New York City