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[Nettime-bold] Award for Austrian dissidents on the Net

Public Netbase t0 / Institute for New Culture Technologies:

Award for Austrian dissidents on the Net

Public Netbase presented the AUSTRIAN WEB RESISTANCE AWARDS 2000 which have
been selected by a prominent jury in Vienna. The ~3800 Euro fund has been
provided by the Institute for Applied Autonomy
http://www.appliedautonomy.com/ that transferred their Prix Ars Electronica
to Public Netbase during the Live TV gala in september of this year.

The AUSTRIAN WEB RESISTANCE AWARDS 2000 have found broad media attention and
has specifically raised the wrath of the Freedom Party. Mr. Karl Schweitzer
from the FPOe has said in a public discussion : 
"Naturally the government has to deal with this Netbase in special ways.
They are not only biting the hand that feeds them, but they are actually at
the throat of the Austrian government"
The Award was repeatedly subject of heated discussion in the parliament and
the Vienna City Council.

The Results:

1. Prize (ATS 40.000,-)

For a World Without Racism /Independent Newsservice MUND

2. Prize (ATS 10.000,-)

Elektrofrühstück  (Electrobreakfast)

3. Prize Ex Aequo (Survival-Kit, for electronic resistance)

Performing Resistance

Wortlauf. 52 Zitate.


Members of the jury: 

- Gabriele Gerbasits (IG Kultur Österreich)
- Gerald Matt (Kunsthalle Wien)
- Eva Rossmann (publisher)
- Georg Schöllhammer (springerin, art magazine)
- Franz Schuh (author, Jean Améry-Award)

The decision has been clear and consensual- the winning project
"no-racism.net/MUND" has been acknowledged for creating a sustainable
online- plattform dealing with issues of racism and providing and
independent news service which has greatly contributed to community building
and has become a valuable source of information far beyond Austria.

The second place was awarded to an artistic project which adressess the
subject of Austrian Kulturkampf in a very humourous and clever way.

The 3rd prize has been awarded ex aequo to projects which are mainly in
real-life public sphere which integrate the net into their work.

A number of projects with close links to Public Netbase or its crew have not
been admitted to this award- this includes www.government-austria.at or

The jury has decided to give 5 other projects a honorable mention:

Botschaft besorgter BürgerInnen (Embassy of Concerned Citizens)

Die virtuelle Besetzung des Ballhausplatzes (A Virtual Squat of the Federal

Austria on the move   (picture archive)

Resistance Wear    ( fashion project)

betazine.org     ( a webzine )

further documentation at:  http://government-austria.at 

Public Netbase would like to thank all its supporters in the struggle
against authoritarian rightwing repression in Austria.

Sign the "Open Letter to the Austrian Public" at:

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