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[Nettime-bold] gifts

>> hey. i'm looking to give user control of speed and sound to 2 layers of
>> video (keyed through each other) and 2 layers of sound (right and left
>> channels?).
>> is there a way to get image/ine to take 2 qt movies at once? or perhaps do
>> simple screen keys in director?
>> can max do this?
>> i'm aware that i could do it with max using nato, but i don't foresee
>> finding a copy of nato under the xmas tree.....
>> any suggestions?

Tom Demeyer <>

>If you *do* find a copy of Image/ine under the christmas tree
>you may do it through buffer movies, combined or not with the
>regular movie channel.

If he finds Image/ine under the christmas tree
his beloved "got the job done"

If he finds NATO.0+55 under the christmas tree
his beloved has made her beloved a gift of the _ganze veLt.

       "I am interested in purchasing nato 0+55 for my partner.  
        I had to                    to get this address..."

gifts illustrate one's fitness = handicaps.
i.e. the more spectacular the gift the higher one's fitness.

it is why - dmot [Tom Demeyer] - your "so long as it gets the job done"
shall never attract an elegant life form.

you are cheap. your m9nd kontainer = mass produced.
you are an employee. you are not a man. you are a failure.
how _can one possibly admire you.


                                                meeTz ver!f1kat!ěn.     


Netochka Nezvanova     - SUPORT-VEkTOR-MASKIN - hou ekspensiv is pleasure +?
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