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[Nettime-bold] Re: geert lovink - Enemy of the Future

geert lovink  - !nkompetent korporat male fasc!zt ++

>> Huh?  Wakeup!  This is the year 2000.
>Almost over, Mark.
>> The FUTURE has already arrived and it doesn't look at all like Russell
>> Mokhiber and Robert Weissman would have us believe.
>They warn for corporate power, that's a good thing.
>A bit old fashioned task, yes, but necessary none the less.
>> Hasn't anyone noticed that the NASDAQ is *DOWN* 50% overall and Barlow's
>> vaunted DOT.Communism has fallen 90%+ since April, 2000?
>We all read the papers, look television and click on websites,
>so I suppose they are aware of this. The question should be:
>Has the power of American corporations fallen with 50%?
>I don't think so.
>> Having just returned from the Left Coast on an extended reconnaisance
>> mission, I can report that Silicon Valley has actually already experienced
>> the BIG ONE and that it has -- just as any competent observer predicted --
>> slipped right off the edge and into the Pacific Ocean.
>Is that a good or bad thing, or beyond any moral judgement?
>Should we mourn or celibrate the soon to be disappeard Valley?
>> C'mon, folks . . . what's nettime gonna do . . . now that there aren't any
>> FAST companies to stink-bomb anymore?
>Good question. I don't think that the Internet economy as such
>will disappear overnight. If sniping at Wired and cracking jokes
>about dotcom failures is becoming a redundant hobby, then there
>is perhaps more time to focus on alternative network architectures,
>cultures and economies.
>I hope you did not lose all your assets, Mark. And I am curious
>what you thought of your 1996 prediction that Al Gore was going
>to become US president, eliminate democracy and install some
>kind of HG Wells regime. Zero Growth after the Long Boom?
>Do you look back on own your future predictions?
>Best, Geert

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