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[Nettime-bold] Talkative Gods - chorally delicious

From: rene beekman <>

Talkative Gods:
a multiphonous caucophonous chorally duplicitous
inter and hyper-active mutli-logue

Concept and Text                       Bruce Gremo

Rene Beekman, Kyle deCamp, Bruce Gremo

music, Max/MSP programming, MSP performer, shakuhachi
                                    Bruce Gremo

video, nato programming, nato operator
                                    Rene Beekman

actress, Max performer
                                     Kyle deCamp

Four preview performances of the work in progress.

Wednesday Dec. 13, Thursday Dec. 14, Friday Dec.15, Saturday Dec.16.
All performances at 8:00.  Recommended donation $10.
185 Lafayette St. NYC (between Broome and Grand)

Limited seating.  Please call or email to make a reservation.
212 625-0123

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