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[Nettime-bold] Support the Genius 2000 Network


In order to expand our ability to pursue new art projects during the
month of December 2000, the Genius 2000 Network is offering the
following gifts in return for various levels of support.  Contact for more information.


Fellowship Level:  US$2000

We have a limited number of rare Genius 2000 items to offer as gifts to
those able to contribute at the US$2000 level.  Your contribution will
include tax, provenance, and shipping.  

1.  Untitled Number One

36" by 60" work in inkjet/pen on paper, mounted on HouseWrap
quarter-inch insulation.  It is a single-edition print available only to
contributors of US$2000 or more.  A digital version can be viewed at 

Untitled Number One appears in many Genius 2000 photos and videos, and
will not be shipped until January 1 2001.  In the interim it will remain
in the Network collection and may be used in upcoming installations and
video.  Verification of gift and provenance available on receipt of

2.  New York New York

One edition only, limited to US$2000 contributors. 
Photograph/ink/pencil on paper, mounted.  Digital copies of this work
will be online soon.  "New York New York" has been shown in the lobby of
the Walker Art Museum, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and in video form at
Rhizome's OpenMouse exhibition November 16 2000.  Shipped only after
January 1, 2001; verification of gift and other provenance available on
receipt of contribution.

3.  The Video First Edition Street Sign

36" by 50", latex paint on particleboard and standard grade
construction lumber.  Includes original inkjet on paper announcement of
Genius 2000 public activities as seen in the Genius 2000 Video First
Edition.  This large, heavy item includes shipping for any contribution
of US$2000 or more.  It can be shipped on receipt of contribution.


Advocate Level:  US$100

1.  The Genius 2000 Video Signed First Editions 81-100

Only 20 Signed First Editions, limited to a total run of 100, remain
available to the public.  All subsequent copies of the First Edition
will be unsigned and unnumbered.  Your contribution of US$100 includes
immediate shipping, full rights to resale, and your choice of two
supporter-level gifts.  The Video First Edition has been reviewed on
Rhizome at (query Genius 2000) and on numerous other
listservs.  Signed editions have been purchased and/or viewed by such
authorities as Steve Dietz, Frederic Madre, Kevin McCoy, Alex Galloway,
Patrick Lichty, Matthew Mirapaul, Mark Stahlman, Jay Fenello, Eryk
Salvaggio, Brad Brace, Mark River, and Terrence Kosick.

2.  Miscellaneous Texts, Objects, and Photographs

Most of the objects documented at the Genius 2000 Network site
( will be offered in appreciation
of gifts at the Advocate level.  Please contact me at
regarding availability and shipping schedules.


Supporter Level:  US$5.00 to US$20.00

1.  The Genius 2000 Video First Edition, unsigned, $20.00. 
High-quality VHS cassette, mailed within 7 days, shipping included.  

2.  The Genius 2000 Conference 2000 Commemorative Prints.  Good-quality
Kodak 8"x10" color photo enlargements, signed and numbered for a limited
run of 2000, to commemmorate the Conference.  Three images are
available, and can be viewed in digital form at:

Commemorative prints will be offered as thanks for any contribution of
US$20.00 or more.  7-day shipping included.  The Winona Laduke print
will not include the background pattern seen on our site, but will be an
8x10 glossy color print.

Other Supporter Level Gifts:

1.  Previously unreleased music:  45-minute recordings on normal-bias
audiocassette of Max Herman's band.  We have a fun and unique style of
rock-and-roll, and this debut release includes covers of What Goes On,
If You Want Me To Stay, and Against the Wind, as well as over ten
originals.  Available for any contribution of US$10.00 or more.  Limited
run of 2000 signed editions.  Allow one week for shipping.

2.  Holiday Lighters.  Bic lighters in red, gold, black, or green,
signed and numbered with a Genius 2000 message embossed on the lighter
itself.  A fun gift and very affordable in return for any contribution
of US$7.00 or more.  Limited run of 2000 signed editions.   Allow one
week for shipping.

3.  Sample cassettes of Max Herman's band:  5 songs, for any gift of
US$5.00 or more.


Guest Appearances:

In exchange for travel and expenses, Max Herman will travel in person
to participate in any reasonable kind of media event through the end of
December 2000.  Distribution rights for documentation negotiable. 
Contact for details.

Investment Opportunities:

Please contact me regarding any large-scale investments in the Network.
 December is a critical month however, so don't delay.


Thank you for your interest in the Genius 2000 Network.  Feel free to
have your thank-you gift sent to any person or organization you care to
include in your gesture of support.  Mail contributions directly to
Nickolas Herman/The Genius 2000 Network, P.O. Box 14443, Minneapolis,
Minnesota, 55414, USA.

Be sure to contact in advance of any mailings you may
wish to send.

Best wishes for a great holiday season,

Max Herman
The Genius 2000 Network


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