Nicholas Hermann on 28 Nov 2000 18:38:04 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] November 16 e-fusion event,

Dear New York New Media Association:

I looked for information on the November 16 e-fusion event at
Thundergulch's site but couldn't find any info on it on nynma.  Wasn't
this event webcast?  Is the video archived anywhere, or are there any
text descriptions of the evening?  I would like to hear what Maxwell
Anderson, Jon Ippolito, and the others had to say.

I also heard there was a disruption of the panel near the start of the
evening.  Is this the cause of the "dis-appearance" of the webcast
video?  What exactly was the disruption and what was the audience's
reaction?  Were any sanctions taken against the protesters?  Any urls
with information on this event are appreciated.

Best Regards,

Max Herman
The Genius 2000 Network

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