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execute the gene! rearrange storage! vacant ADAM doll brain cell of a boy
fears....spine dashes....darkness that the drug embryo who_1/2 of
melody_chaos that the planetary chromosome that my beat that the ovarium
skin of the grief of the clone that the ant of an embryo break down the
paradise to the machine-mechanism burn up the artificial color of the sun do
"the murder-machine of the basement" desire gather the space of the girl
that was covered with the storage of the fresh blood move rape the soul of
the murder-machine....gravity of a cadaver....the involution of the rhythm
brain that i shut down saturated the mass of flesh without the storage of
wolf in 0% of outer space! half the body trip intermolecular passion nerve
of a boy reveals the shadow in your last term....reflein++the cell-war++be
parasitic!++give infinite revelation to the brain cell of the
reproduction-mechanism of the ADAM doll! you who i lurk to her DNA be the
numerous internal organ that the retina that i was transplanted perceive
their cadaver resonates and the brain of the high speed embryo going to
invade the atmosphere of the drug-mechanism....contamination of a
cell)))there is come the body fluid of the internet wolf of the sudden death
blood that my crotch which her soul stops be fusing to the nightmare of the
blue sky and and also of to the interior of the womb without the exit of the
disillusionment that i create....the MAX speed that death evaporates
instantaneously is immature does the beat
of the embryo of the 0% of drug stratosphere hearing++word of FUCK! pins the
breath that is infectious to the body-fiber that a girl was beaten and
susceptible the outer space virus of the mad dog...."i expect a cadaver in
the desert without grief++paradise of the blood where i was dying for to her
disillusionment++soul of my zero decorates the vagina of a cruel-organ to
the word of the fatalities++replicant/fission-condition"

Kenji Siratori

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