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[Nettime-bold] Re:FW: Streets

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>From: William <>
>Organization: ¿decrepit?
>Date: Sun, 26 Nov 2000 17:17:23 -0500
>Subject: Money on the Streets
>Thanks to everyone who participated in making Feel? an incredible event.
>We can now offer some answers for those of you who have been wondering
>why we wanted to people to pay in $1 bills, and just what was the
>"action" the party was raising money for.
>This past Friday, November 24th -- Buy Nothing Day -- the Complacent
>collective dropped thousands of one dollar bills into the streets at
>34th and Broadway (Herald Square.)  Each bill was stamped with the
>question "satisfied?" and was thrown from atop a telephone booth to a
>huge screaming crowd.  After 15 minutes, thousands of dollars and a
>street full of mayhem, the police where finally able to arrest the
>masked money throwing offender.
>For pictures of this action and more information on upcoming bits of
>mayhem, propaganda and events from complacent, surf to:
>(also keep your eyes open for the next event: red, green, blue.  details
>to come.)
>What Is Complacent?
>Complacent is not about forcing information but about inspiring
>questions. We intend to create unique perspectives, autonomous thought
>and spontaneous action. We are about reevaluating what we take for
>granted or hold dear, are apathetic or passionate about. We intend to
>inspire a movement against our culture of complacence. We intend to live
>in a provocative, thoughtful world.
>Complacent will be amorphous, growing through ever changing forms and
>functions as the community wills it. The only constant will be our
>mission to inspire questions. We will be online and off. We will be
>inanimate art, animate performance, street action, guerilla media,
>internet stuntmen, festival and celebration, plus more and more and more
>that we can't even begin to conceive yet.
>* feel free to forward this to whomever may find it interesting. *

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