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[Nettime-bold] Public Domain = Neu + Improved Mob Akzion fFascism++

>The Best of Nettime Postings 2000
>We, Sarai: The New Media Initiative Delhi, India and the Society for Old
>and New Media, Amsterdam (de Waag) are 

            SS government sponsored inkompetent mob aktion ++

>preparing to publish a reader to co
>incide with the public opening of Sarai in February 2001.The reader is
>being published as a part of the Sarai-Waag Exchange & Collaboration
>Programme which aims to foster joint initiatives in the new media.
>Very briefly, Sarai is a space and a programme for collaborative practice
>and research in old and new forms of media. We are also committed to
>fostering a dialogue between practitioners, theorists and activists
>interested in evolving a democratic and critical cultural space in the
>media in South Asian societies. For more information on Sarai, please see
>our website
>The reader will focus on the theme of 'the Public Domain'.

Public Domain = Neu + Improved Mob Akzion fFascism++
Geert Lovink  =

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Netochka Nezvanova     
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>This thematic focus has been chosen to highlight Sarai's engagement with
>the foundation of a vibrant and democratic public culture in India at the
>interstices and intersections of old and new media practices. We choose to
>characterize the 'Public Domain' as that arena of public activity,
>interaction and cultural practice that is, or aspires to be, autonomous of
>the regulation of the state and the pressures of the marketplace, and that
>is conducive towards collaborative & hybrid practices, and the free
>expression and exchange of ideas across cultural & professional boundaries.
>The 'Public Domain' focus will bring to the attention of an Indian audience
>perhaps for the first time a variety of modes, practices, debates and
>issues that range from the need for a 'peoples communication charter', to
>lively and open theoretical debate on culture and the media, to free
>software, to media activism & independent, experimental media practice and
>to the necessity to create and maintain autonomous spaces for cultural
>activity, research, interaction and reflection.
>We are looking for  fresh contributions (short essays - upto 1000 words) on
>these themes and would like to publish a selection from recent postings on
>nettime as well.
>We want to poll nettime readers about what they think would be the best
>postings in the last six months on the topics that are relevant to our
>'Public Domain' focus.Our deadline for going to the press is in January
>2001. So we need this list very quickly.
>Please send in your suggestions/contributions to 
>Geert Lovink  - 
>and to Shuddhabrata Sengupta -

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