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[Nettime-bold] Best of Nettime 2000

The Best of Nettime Postings 2000


We, Sarai: The New Media Initiative Delhi, India and the Society for Old
and New Media, Amsterdam (de Waag) are preparing to publish a reader to co
incide with the public opening of Sarai in February 2001.The reader is
being published as a part of the Sarai-Waag Exchange & Collaboration
Programme which aims to foster joint initiatives in the new media.

Very briefly, Sarai is a space and a programme for collaborative practice
and research in old and new forms of media. We are also committed to
fostering a dialogue between practitioners, theorists and activists
interested in evolving a democratic and critical cultural space in the
media in South Asian societies. For more information on Sarai, please see
our website

The reader will focus on the theme of 'the Public Domain'.
This thematic focus has been chosen to highlight Sarai's engagement with
the foundation of a vibrant and democratic public culture in India at the
interstices and intersections of old and new media practices. We choose to
characterize the 'Public Domain' as that arena of public activity,
interaction and cultural practice that is, or aspires to be, autonomous of
the regulation of the state and the pressures of the marketplace, and that
is conducive towards collaborative & hybrid practices, and the free
expression and exchange of ideas across cultural & professional boundaries.

The 'Public Domain' focus will bring to the attention of an Indian audience
perhaps for the first time a variety of modes, practices, debates and
issues that range from the need for a 'peoples communication charter', to
lively and open theoretical debate on culture and the media, to free
software, to media activism & independent, experimental media practice and
to the necessity to create and maintain autonomous spaces for cultural
activity, research, interaction and reflection.

We are looking for  fresh contributions (short essays - upto 1000 words) on
these themes and would like to publish a selection from recent postings on
nettime as well.

We want to poll nettime readers about what they think would be the best
postings in the last six months on the topics that are relevant to our
'Public Domain' focus.Our deadline for going to the press is in January
2001. So we need this list very quickly.

Please send in your suggestions/contributions to 
Geert Lovink  - 
and to Shuddhabrata Sengupta -

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