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[Nettime-bold] kenjigram-final judgment

brain of the fatalities that was online to your valley vagina of the speed
thinking of body=fluid--is strangled/suffering*of BABEL my reptic_brain
cells that awake to the silly world of the suck=blood=chromosome the virgin
of the cyber that flies the outer space of mitochondria pattern....of hatred
the centipede-centipede_here be the shelter of impregnation_your underground
does palpitation. your desert inheriteds.your drugy_disillusionment++++angel
highway of the machine mechanism of the cadaver-city where awakes is being
dashed the intention of the suicide of an embryo_your infinite murder_desire
of ADAM- cadaver/that the blue of the sky of the womb area that the
wavelength of centipede form replicant- consciousness rapes the
null=apocalypse was filled to the bathtub of the artificial sun that suppose
the nerve of my acceleration....


so your soul resolves the air to the clonic blue of the sky::my brain
rotates to the hybrid murder=thyroid of the nightmare the high
speed++disillusionment++disillusionment++ants of minus do fuck....distribute
the pleasure of the reverse side in the moon to the asphalt of the
cadaver-city and the speechless pupil of the sleepwalker that an embryo
gathers the tympanum of the fatalities dances with the hell of my cell and
proliferate++++so your chromosome plays the young prisoners of the cyber who
do suck=blood....the replicant- body=fluid of my fear to_desire
self-destructs!_the stratosphere of the womb is write off and incubate the
electron aches be the virgin of the paradise artless darkness of
zero........drug-embryo slow down my thinking to an infinite desert--
ant runs to your body fluid....

Kenji Siratori

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