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>>heteromaniac_body=fluid of narcolepsy..../girl of the cell other
self=nervous system that the wolf of the stratosphere reproduce to the pupil
of the embryo of the machine mechanism that her cyber=device that the
chromosome of ADAM hates dash--blue sky where drowned to the sun of a
boy--throwing up the underground where full moon fears it scatters. eros
without the base of a cell speeds up the nano machine of the
cadaver-city--so hard disillusionment of the drug-embryo that her desert
goes up in flames discharges/so the murderous singing voice of
body=fluid++resuscitates++null.--the end of only ADAM was repeated to the
tympanum of the fatalities!....

>>i awoke--i was raped--thinking, thinking--cradle of the cell of soul_write
off the chromosome of ADAM! there is the murderous intention of the body
fluid that the angel got thirsty to the labyrinth of the drug mechanism of
the embryo that you gather high speed me who want so a girl did vomit
instantaneously artificial-sun of_darkness is bewildered....the love of a
clone is annihilating....///the monochrome sun that does it the suck=blood
of a chromosome falls to the reverse side in the moon....the drug the fly
ants+++the cadaver-city where fears the abnormal brain of an embryo is
transmitted and solve the gene of the ADAM_murder-person and release the
asphalt that does not get tired.   =   /the soul like your mirror....

ovarium of fear explodes>>i collect the brain of the fly that exploded and
the cells of the paradise that give a blood transfusion erode the
clonic-nerve fiber of the despair-machine break down the eve_insanity of a
chromosome....replicating the miserable body of the angel the pupil of a
girl is paralyzed to the infinite other self. so sun the sea of the gene
broken artificial video-tapes the rebel that was able to go bad
completely::split the ADAM_virgin membrane of VTR and the soul of my zero is
mixed the cadaver-city of my brain in one second when the reproduction gland
of the thinking that sets fire become the eternity of the drug-embryo when
invade the planet of the human-genome like the retrovirus that recover the
space of lonely wolf--

Kenji Siratori

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