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[Nettime-bold] Int'l Invite - Elections and the Net - Post election review

It would be great to get an international comparative perspective on lessons learned about the 
use of the Internet in elections outside of the the United States.  The discussion may also be 
particularly useful for those who have upcoming national elections.  Perhaps you can improve 
upon our early efforts and show us how to do things right! 

See invite below.

Steven Clift
Democracies Online

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From:                   Steven Clift <>
Subject:                Top 50 Internet and Elections of All Times -
Date sent:              Mon, 20 Nov 2000 13:10:58 -0600

Alright, we are ready to get the discussion going.  Let's have some
fun and try to make this discussion as useful as possible. Here is
how we'd like to start:

1. Write up a single one or two sentence "Top 50 Internet and
Elections Lessons and Trends" bullet and assign it a subjective
number of where you would rank it in the top 50 - 1 being the most
important lesson or trend.

2. Share that Top 50 bullet item with the list
<> and mark it as a "Trend" or a "Lesson."  If it is
a new lesson for 2000, add (Lesson - 2000) or (Trend - 2000).  Lessons or
innovations discovered in 1998 or even 1996 are encouraged - a recap would
be helpful.  Use a subject line like "37 - People Go to Web Sites for
Campaign Telephone Numbers - Your Name Here"

3. ADD YOUR INTRODUCTION - with either your Top 50 contribution or
with your first post or reply to other messages.  Be sure to include basic
contact information including the URLs of any of the sites you worked on.
You can be as insightful or promotional as you like.  One of the goals of
this list is to discover the new folks at the grass roots who did cool
stuff.  We won't know about you if you don't toot your horn some!

Thank you for being a part of this discussion!  Again send your Top
50 bullet and introduction this week to:

As a reminder, no one should post more than three times a day.  We
don't want two folks to go back and forth all day without letting
others put in their two cents.  Also, we ask that you sign your posts with
basic contact information,

Steven Clift

P.S. David Erickson with E-Strategy <> and
the folks at Politics Online <> are
helping out with this forum.  Highlights from this forum will make
there way into lots of exciting places ... more on that later.

From:                   Steven Clift <>
Subject:                Join me - Campaign 2000 and the Internet
Post-election Online Review Date sent:        Mon, 20 Nov 2000 12:45:08

The DO-CAMPNET forum will open later today!  We are up to 120 members.
Please pass the message below on to at least two other people and invite
them to join us. - Steven Clift, DO-CAMPNET Team

Calling All Campaign and Election Webmasters & Online Strategists

    --- Join the Campaign 2000 and the Internet Discussion ---
    --- Send e-mail to <>  ---

The season of endless Internet and election hype and speculation is
almost over. What did we learn?  What worked? What didn't?  And what can
we learn Internet use related to the politics of the Florida recount?

Hosted by Democracies Online and co-sponsored by Politics Online, the
Campaign 2000 and the Internet (DO-CAMPNET) discussion is the online forum
for you to share your online campaign stories and tips with your peers
across the politics online community. We encourage those active with
candidate, political party, news, or other politically- related online
efforts to join. Help spread the word to your fellow online political
pioneers by forwarding this message.

The online discussion will start November 20 and run through at least
December 8. To join the 120 politics online experts already participating,
subscribe now by sending an e-mail to:

This reminder message is being sent to campaign webmasters and
political Internet strategists around the country.  Due to Florida
recount, we postponed the opening of the forum and wanted to let you know
now is the time to join.

For more information of this forum visit Democracies Online
<>. To check out the resources from
Politics Online, including their Weekly Politicker and Netpulse,
visit <>.


Steven Clift
Democracies Online

P.S. For ideas about what you can do with the Internet and politics
now that the election is coming to close, check out the E-Democracy
E-Book <> and join the main Democracies
Online Newswire <>, described below.

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