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[Nettime-bold] re: serf opening

>, the non-profit, 

amusant. = 0+0 non.profit +?

>public interest 

permit someone 2 roll the eye komponents++ +?

>supersite focused on
>international media issues seeks an EDITORIAL PRODUCER skilled in
>exploring the role of media in society, politics and culture.
>Work with a team and independently 

permit someone 2 roll the eye komponents++ +?

>Essential: interest in media as a social/political/cultural issue,
>strong writing and internet research skills, experience writing and
>producing for the Web, creativity, sense of humor, and ability to work
>on a strict deadline. Women and people of color
>are encouraged to apply.

why +? 
why dont you mention the salary +?

slavery.serfdom.wage earning.
do you regard your present position as progress +?
does your present position regard you as progress +?


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