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jhno <>

>Subject: sync

THE BOND        \\ r.hoffmann

come mr gottlieb - you can do it
i know. and i did - skin the others
for this pink-cheeked german gentleman.
for he had good reasons. barbed wire.
and he did give me true instruction.
the word. A MANUAL. and he put 

in my hand the knife cut from an old
ram's horn. practice on the deer
if you like, he said, and - there
were deer in the fence and the knife
with the old letters carved in the bone
  slipped through the fat. sticking
in just a few places. they taught me well.

and he. well-dressed. his shoes polished
stood on the side. watching. and i knew
he'd go on to ask me to skin myself.
 for him i could learn even that.  


    cycling74 spectakle - which intelligently - nn refused to attend

   "in add!t!on zom1 was g!v!ng away zom ov ur cdz 
    (01 cyc74 employee. forgot h!s name.) & made people come 
    up & !m!tate ur 'zpeech' into dze m!c in ordr 2 rece!v them. 
    = ultra ztup!d. he alzo referrd to u az 'netochka navrat!lova'"


   "This is like a distribution agreement, example: Steinberg
    and Propellerheads (Rebirth etc.). c74 would be interested, speaking
    as a korporat serf for a moment, because we have a user list
    we can "target." Bam! Bam! Bam!
    David Z."

                                | - no karesses +? 2 ekspensiv +? 


                           01 other time 
                           + space 
                           which = <0+0>1:<1-1>:1(0)
                           + after

 Netochka Nezvanova     -  simply SUPERIOR
                                                      |  +----------
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                                    \\----------------+  |  n2t      
                                                        |       >

        good imitators gain social status. attract mates + have more offspring. 

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