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[Nettime-bold] planet project

I'm not sure if I'll take part, but here is the intro to

Steve Cisler


You are about to participate in an event that may become a part of history.
For four days, from November 15 - 18, 2000, you and millions of other people
around the world are invited to answer a series of questions about what it's
like to be a human being at the beginning of the millennium.

As soon as you finish answering questions on eight topics ranging from
health to religion, sleep to dating, marriage to child rearing, and crime to
politics, you can immediately compare your answers with those of others who
have already answered the same questions.

Using a wide range of technologies never combined before, the project
invites people of all nations to participate in an experience that enables
them to share and to compare their thoughts, beliefs, opinions, fears,
similarities, and differences instantly.

To ensure that the Planet Project is not just limited to Internet users, 500
volunteer "Planet Pollsters" have been sent to remote corners of the globe
equipped with laptops, handheld computers, modems, and portable satellite
up-links. These "Planet Pollsters" are making sure the opinions of people
without access to technology are also included in the results.

A simultaneous "Student Underground" version of the Project, consisting of
questions created by an International Youth Panel from around the world, is
also being conducted.

Please remember to come back and see the final results after the poll ends
on November 18. 

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