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softness falls out of sleep.softness falls out of sleep.
glittering dreams i had, momentary
remembrances. a punga fern i purchased. i
clipped the branches, it lies latent
for the winter except for one
trembling curl which reaches
high, a green beacon to itself
of what it will become.
it too sleeps, gathering strength
in its dormancy. within time it will
look fondly upwards in
forest dreams. i will place
it among others so it may
dream its collective dream.
sorrowful, i have been.

original mess.age

>From: molly hankwitz  
>Subject: okay what the fuck?
>okay you integer people, 

d!agnozt!k - m!l!onz. =cw4t7abs = dze futur.

>who got a hold of my article

the following addresses had permanent fatal errors -

>that i posted to nettime and who the fuck sent it back all fucked up?

t byfield <> [hallo]

>i like your sites.

auto-generated (failure)



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