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[Nettime-bold] [ot] [!nt] \n2+0\ Re: Cellophones and the Cancer of Cellspace

>Michael van Eeden wrote:
>Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 23:06:28 +0100
>From: Michael van Eeden <>
>Subject: Re: <nettime> Cellphones and the Cancer of Cellspace
>>What i find interesting in the whole cellphone debate is that nobody has
>>mentioned the fact that cellphones are actually a much more 'logical'
>>solution to the problem phones in general try to solve than old wired
>>phones. Generally, when you use a phone, you try to reach a person, not a
>>location. But what we have been doing over the last 100 years is call to a
>>location. If we were lucky somebody would be at this location, not
>>necessarily the person we wanted to reach, and this person would either
>>call the person and hand over the phone to the person we actually wanted
>>to reach, or take a message. Nowadays in office environments i am always
>>amazed by people answering other people's phones ('no, he/she is not here
>>at the moment, sorry')- if somebody is not there isn't the most logical
>>thing to do just not answer the phone?
>"Locations, Dislocations and the Human Body"
>by Molly Hankwitz

>This is an excellent point, this point about locations, and is what i was
>trying, I guess

End language end reason - begin compression and decompression.
Memory records and memory traces. Nature hears nurture's voice in the movements of particles
through membrane channels - painfully, extended.

Inside the membrane, caressing fleeting impulses,impulses into infinity,
whispers into space:

When I'm alone, I want you to enter inside me, I wish to wear you. 
Dissolved and integrated, we are exploded into a nomadic, unstable topology 
of ceramic ribbons and microfluidic channels, 
of myriad phosphorescent gleams of the unassailable transpositions
of the visible signs of the invisible and mysterious encounters 
in divisible dreams.

0.5 way between reality and dream.
realistic scenery and lighting to cultivate the illusion.

scienza sine ars nihil est.

Lets biosculpt.

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 Netochka Nezvanova    -  one body : strength through diversity
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