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[Nettime-bold] "Genius 2000: Works on Paper" in New York City, Nov. 16 2000

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>now, think about your own areas of expertise...
>if a novice asks you a question,
>doesn't it make you feel good to explain?

Only if I begin deluding myself.


I couldn't agree more.  In any case, I'm going to send out a last official 
email before I leave for New York.  Just a few ideas.

1.  What is "Genius 2000: Works on Paper"?
It's a show I'm going to present at the OpenMouse for Rhizome, Altoids, and 
Absolut Vodka in New York at the FUN gallery at 1824 Manhattan Street, by the 
Manhattan Bridge.  

2.   How will it work?
Well, I'll be there with a PC and a laser printer, and if you send email to 
WorksOnPaper@egroups.com, I'll print those letters and images out onto paper. 
 If you want, I can try to sell them to the crowd.

3.  How do I contribute?
Go join the egroups list and find a discussion there.


In other preparations for the trip, I'll be dubbing and mailing all the 
Genius 2000 Conference 2000 prize videos to the judges and winners tomorrow.  
(If they receive them by Nov. 16, I hope they send their reactions to the 
egroups list for the show.)  

Two copies of "Jockbuster" will be sent to the other two winners, Victoria 
Vesna and Eryk Salvaggio.  My own copy is in my possession.  Their copies 
differ from mine in content only.  Due to technical problems, their versions 
will contain "Birthday 2000," a tape also given to Mike Watt.  His was not 
called "Jockbuster" however and is not an official Conference Winners tape.  
The judges will receive copies of "Max Herman is a Ruthless, Menacing 
Genius," a limited edition tape of assorted recent and past Genius 2000 video 
footage, including demonstrations at the Governor's Mansion and Walker 
Museum, and Vote Genius 2000 footage off of c-span including Max Herman 
giving a copy of the First Edition to VP Candidate Winona Laduke 
(http://www.geocities.com/~genius-2000/WinonaLaduke.JPG).  Congratulations 
and thanks to all the judges for a fine and historic Conference.

I'll also be making and dubbing a special-report tape about myself and my 
involvement with Genius 2000 called "New York New York."  This will be on 
sale at the FUN show.  As will lots of original Genius 2000 art from way back 
when, photos, and other items for the holiday rush.

If you ever want to buy some Genius 2000 art, just email me at 
nmherman@aol.com.  I have many high-cost objects on sale that museums or 
wealthy collectors may be able to afford.


There will also be a new page on my website called simply "Genius 2000."  
This link will have many new developments between now and the end of the 
year.  Any programmers or web designers who wish to link to this new page or 
design modules for it should contact me.  Other new web material will be a 
webcam of the FUN sale/show, an edited email archive with 200 emails by me in 
the last two years, and a holiday buying gallery.  Any financial investors 
can contact me.  

Don't forget the WorksOnPaper@egroups list either.  And some people have 
looked at the Genius 2000 Conference 2000 Launch page at 
http://www.geocities.com/~genius-2000/Launch.html.  It's a clean page with 
art and opinion from great artists like Patrick Lichty, Mark Stahlman, MTAA, 
Carter Lebares, Pat Mountain, JDKeller, Simon Biggs, Corey Eiseman, Jenn 
McCoy, Eryk Salvaggio (winner of Best Male Presenter at 
http://www.geocities.com/~genius-2000/Winners.html), Anonymous, myself 
(winner of the Golden Palm for Lifetime Achievement for 
http://www.geocities.com/~genius-2000/SFMOMA82700.html, director@sfmoma.org, 
and other items in the Genius 2000 Network Archive at 
http://www.geocities.com/~genius-2000/Archive2000.html), kalx, the 
Tape-Beatles, Terrence Kosick, and C. Balkman.  We gotta rack up those hits 
on those large-type counters to compel world media to bow to our demands.


That's about all the news.  I'll be online tomorrow but only to set up a new 
page at http://www.geocities.com/~genius-2000 and get ready to depart.  I 
hope to be able to talk to some of you in New York.  I'll be attending the 
Museum of the New Millennium lecture at the Museum of Modern Art, and selling 
art all over New York.  I'll be up there, throwing leaves of redemption off 
the Empire State Building.

I'd also like to offer a few parting thoughts.  

The Election of 2000 is the time for campaign reform.  Ralph Nader and the 
Green Party, of which I consider myself a member, should go on record.  Jesse 
Ventura can and will comment on both the election and the Genius 2000 First 

The movie "Spartacus" is very relevant to Genius 2000 (and so is, I'm told, a 
movie by Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon about artists during the 30's in the 
USA).  Spartacus has a lot of good lines of dialogue and allegories to Genius 
2000, but especially is the battle scene where they roll the fire-logs down 
on the Romans.  "Me ipsum honete amo," to say the least.  "Non merita nome di 
creatore se non Iddio ed il Poeta," saith the poet Tasso, and who am I to 
object?  But Spartacus is a good visual illustration of Roman geometry as 
well.  Based on the square, they conquered millions before their reign ended 
with Constantine.

The squares show up in the legions and their mighty shields, their helmets, 
their odd ways and fears, weird destiny-complexes, and ultimately on the road 
out of Rome.  The geometry is matched in language and the visual image as 
well.  Water and numbers are evaluated as artistic themes.

Also, everyone should remember in these chaotic times to carry out all 
transitions peacefully, compassionately, and with as little defamation of 
character as possible.  Peace with justice is after all our only goal.  Let 
nothing deter us from it.  Not even the great machine-gods of hell and all 
their hapless minions.


Thanks for your time and be sure to contribute to the show, "Genius 2000: 
Works on Paper" at FUN on Nov. 16.  I'll have the new page up at 
http://www.geocities.com/~genius-2000 tommorrow for added resources in the 
months ahead and the quixotic holiday buying season, which grows the economy 
more than any other six weeks.

No comment no vote,

Max Herman
The Genius 2000 Network
"Genius 2000: Works on Paper" at FUN Nov. 16, 2000

P.S.--I also advise Conquest of the Planet of the Apes for end-of-millennium 
viewing.  Restitutio in integrum.







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