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[Nettime-bold] 242.fireuire

>hello et bonjour

bonjour bonjour

>thank you for the permanent support/upgrade, and
>thank you for your words during the icmc issue.

avec pla!z!r.

>Student have begun to work earnestly on Nato, 
>we had to authorize / deauthorize several times
>the software, as we have several machines to run, 
>in principle two at the same time, but not 
>necessarily always the same ones. 
>Now they want 242.fireuire and associated files. 
>What would be the appropriate set for the setting we have ?

as desired. 242.fireuire ultra lux konsists ov:

242.filmdv     - outputs video + audio data from a film objekt via fireuire.
242.fireuire   - outputs any video data via fireuire.
242.fireuire~  - outputs msp audio data via fireuire

+ image\ine objekts - perform the above for steim image\ine.

>I looked at the Kagi page, there is a mention of "parallel" output, 
>does that mean you can use two firewire ports to output
>two different images ?

uncertain about multiple ports - firewire = relatively slow.
`parallel` meaning - one may output data from multiple objekts simultaneously
as it is client based.  i.e. multiple objekts + multiple applications
may be clients.

it operates similarly to 242.mrna -
which is a system wide video patchbay [unlikely shall be releasing it publicly
although have applied for a patent - so as 2 ensure konglomerates = kept where
they are - in the mud]

>>meilleures salutations 



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