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hi nettimers,

here i send you the two projects i get involved;

-DISCODER(Installation version) at command N

(sorry for the crossposting)

yukiko shikata



Online from November 1st through to December 31st 2000

Featuring websites by:
Daniel Rodenburg, D:U:M:B., Gabrielle Marks & Stefan Kunzmann,
JODI, 0010(NL)
Akitsugu Maebayashi, doubleNegatives, exonemo, Mami Iwasaki,
Yuki Kimura  (JP)

Webmasters: Squint

Selection of Dutch artists: CELL - Initiators of Incidents -
Selection of Japanese artists: Kazunao Abe & Yukiko Shikata

PROTOCOLLISION can be described as a "work in progress" by Japanese
and Dutch webartists, curators, programmers and theoreticians and public.
During two months, the website www.protocollision.org - which is created
especially for this occasion - will constantly change and expanded with
individual and collective sites and textual contributions.

Squint is responsible for the basic site in the form of a database,
becoming more layered as the number of works increase. Initially the
participating artists will develop autonomous websites. These are sites
that explore the (im)possibilities of the medium from various angles, such
as: the working of language(generators) and databases, the (il)logic of
searchengines, sound as an interface and programs as a means of visual

Because the contributions are both Japanese and Dutch it is especially
interesting to view the possible similarities and differences in the
methods of working and the results of the works: are cultural differences
erased when making use of such a globally orientated medium or do they
reappear instead?

In addition to these basic sites there is space for collaboration between
the participants; for linking, copying and interfering with each other 's
works: these are the locations where protocols are traversed, where a
collision is forced.  Various respondents have been invited, a/o David
d'Heilly, Henk Oosterling, Maki Ueda, Maholo Uchida, to follow the
developments and contribute textual donations.

Naturally the public also has the opportunity to respond! 

*PROTOCOLLISION is presented (live) in*

November 16th 2000, from 16.00 through to 18.00 hours at Zaal de Unie,
Mauritsweg 34 in Rotterdam, on the invitation of the Dutch Electronic Art
Festival (DEAF_00) Speakers a/o Yukiko Shikata and Henk
Oosterling(proviso). Moderator: Tanja den Broeder

December 7th, from 19:00-21:00 at Digital Hollywood(Blgdg. 2-3 Kanda
Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
Presentation of the Japanese participants and curators.

December 9th, from 15.00u. through to 15.30 hours at Forum des images,
kamer 40 in Paris, on the invitation of the International Symposium of
Electronic Arts (ISEA2000)

-Tokyo(online with rotterdam)
"PROTOCOLLISION at Yohei's House"(in the frame of "Yohei's Project"
December 22nd, 19:00-22:00, Japanese artists and respondents, curators
hold on-line event from Yohei's House(an old Japanese big house).

for further information:
-[The Netherlands] CELL  cell@cell.nl, tel. 010-4127270 fax:010-4127040
-[Japan] protocollision@gol.com, 070-5457-1665 



'DISCODER(Installation version)' by exonemo

date: November 23 (thu) - December10 (sun)
         1-7 pm (closed on mon, tue)

venue: command N/cube
           1F, Machizukuri House Akiba, 1-7-1, Soto-Kanda,
           Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Tel: 03-5297-3506 Fax: 03-5297-3507

curated by: Yukiko Shikata


# powwow 29 (artist talk by exonemo)
   November 23 (holiday)  3-5pm at command N
   fee: adult/1,000 yen student/500 yen (with drink)
# opening event
   November 23  5:30pm-
   Food, DJ + Visual system and more!

*The exhibition is partially supported by Shiseido Co., Ltd., Kirin Brewery
Co., Ltd., Chiyoda Urban Design NPO and Document 2000 Project.

exonemo is an unit by Kensuke Sembo (1972) and Yae Akaiwa (1973).
Started in 1996 as an experimental website, it has been awarded in several
media arts festivals in and out of Japan, and now is regarded as one of the
emerging young web artist in the realm of art+web+technology.

'DISCODER' is a device to write inconsistency into HTML code originally
made for the net gallery 'CyGnet'(http://www.shiseido.co.jp/cygnet/)run
by Shiseido Co., Ltd.

In this installation version, DISCODER will allow the audience to interact
more physically in the space. The interface is the numerous cables extended
from the keyboard and mice scattered on the floor. You can reach them to
invade or remove the bugs to HTML, then the image is desplayed on the wall
simultaneously so that everyone in the space can share the same experience
of what is going on.

'DISCODER (Installation version)' was first shown in Rotterdam Film Festival,
then two places this september; Ars Electronica (Linz, Austria) and Media
Select 2000 (Nagoya) and widely noticed by the audiences. It is the first
chance to see it in Tokyo Akihabara, where densely packed high-tech &
techno gadjetry and Game Otaku/nerds are in common everyday.

exonemo (http://www.exonemo.com)

Yukiko Shikata 070-5457-1665
-PROTOCOLLISION (Dutch-Japan experimental collaboration 
  project on WWW) nov.1-dec.31 http://www.protocollision.org
-DISCODER(installation version) by exonemo
  nov.23-dec.10 at command N(Tokyo)  http://web.to/command-N

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